How and where we produce food is one of the most important questions of our time. Agriculture’s deep connections to the world economy, human society and biodiversity make it one of the most important frontiers for conservation and regeneration around the globe.

That is why we want to empower as many stakeholders as possible across the whole food supply chain to produce and consume sustainable food.
With our technology we are determined to create positive impact – for a thriving planet.


"to grow, develop, to prosper, to flourish. reaching success with joy and compassion."

For conventional and organic farmers


As more than half of our core team grew up on a farm, we know what it means to be a farmer: a constant roller coaster of truly rewarding work and headwinds from all sides.

We strive to positively impact farmers by providing them with a tool that alleviates hard work, gives more planning security, and that frees up resources to gear up for the future. We support both conventional and organic farmers in transitioning towards more sustainable and intelligent farming practices.

For a healthier soil


Agriculture is highly dependent on a healthy environment, but also puts pressure on it due to land use, greenhouse gas emissions and the intensive
use of chemicals and fertilizer.

Using robotics, we want to transform as many fields as possible to enable a healthier soil, more diversity and
higher productivity on smaller areas.

solidarity & environmental sustainability


With our activities as a company, we can make the largest direct impact and we want to make the most out of it!

We don’t define a successful business only by its growth or profit margin – we also assess what we contribute to the common good based on the values of solidarity, environmental sustainability, transparency, and human dignity.

We take full ownership of our business activities across the whole organization ranging from suppliers, investors, employees, customers, partners to the social environment.


Our Contribution
to the SDGs

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